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Caravan DIY Double Glazing

         Holiday Caravan Double Glazing

Is it cost effective

It depends on your circumstances.

In general double glazing adds about £500 to the trade in price of your caravan. So with the cost in the £2,000 region fitted then a quick answer is NO.

But If you use it just for yourself and intend keeping the caravan long term them defiantly a good investment.

Also if you rent the caravan out to holidaymakers especially in the colder months with gas & electric savings then you are also on a winner.

But it is worth considering upgrading to a newer caravan as it will be already done and more than likely the walls have much better insulation.

Want to have your caravan holiday home double glazed but find the quotes are to expensive.?

If you could only buy the windows and doors and do it yourself?

Well you can. With massive savings have your windows and doors made and delivered then fit them yourself.

  1. Coming soon a complete Guide on measuring your holiday caravan windows and doors.
  2. Removing your old windows and doors in your caravan holiday home.
  3. Fitting your new windows and doors in your caravan holiday home.

All you need is the tools and an extra pair of hands.

Nov 16, 2014

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